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   Name                                 Last modified      Size   Video   
01_THIS_IS_HOW_I_FEEL.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 5.4M .mp4 02_NOW_IS_THE_TIME.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 5.6M .mp4 03_NO_ONE_IN_THIS WORLD.mp3 23-Sep-2014 13:38 7.5M .mp4 04_GIVE_IT_UP.mp3 12-Sep-2014 15:15 6.9M .mp4 05_CHANGE.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 2.9M .mp4 06_MY_VENDETTA.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 8.1M .mp4 download entire album 02-Oct-2014 07:45 36.5M

Credits / Sample Links

   * harMELON2427, Vocals  (written by Kymrence Young )
   * nabrostoff, Acoustic Guitar
   * RockMusicReviews, Electric Guitar
   * fountainOFmountain, Metronome
   * TRENCHDRUMS, Kete Drum
   * RobbieHogg1, Udu
   * Tom Gurin, Strings
   * Stephen DeRuby, Flute 
   * Drums - Link is missing :(
   * Jose Cortijo, Shaker  
   * Colorado Soundscapes, Kalimba
   * StebalDrumsGear, Cymbal

   * ArieGermaine16 (Arie Germaine), Vocals (actual video is missing)    
     » "I have no idea where it is lol I uploaded it to my old channel like 1-2 years ago"
   * Ransomed Sin, Piano
   * Deryn Cullen, Cello 
     » "Since I made my objections ... I think it's only right that I post an update"
   * gospelstringer, Guitar
   * hayato nakanishi, Strings
   * Jon Powers, Drums 
     » "Found out I was included in this - thanks @kutiman! Great work!"
   * expertvillage, Upright Bass
   * Vic Firth, Timpani  
   * Tom's Video Overview's, Chimes
   * Peter Park, Sleigh Bells 
   * ProfMoose, Bell 1
   * IgnatiusChurch, Bell 2 
   * Nicola Dodds (Nikki Dodds, Lock Flow), Vocals  
   * Thomson Kneeland, Bass 
   * jahsian nattyprincess, Horns Section
   * NCSSMDistanceEd, Cello 
   * Saxophone - cant find this video :(( plz help me..
   * Guitar Tutorials, GuitarsGuitars 2
   * Keith Appleton, Hammond 
   * Garrett Martin, Organ
   * BrassTeacher, Synth
   * Canal de 10tamburo, Vibraslap
   * postminimal, Strings
   * Tony Miceli, Vibraphone
   * Mmeronek, Piano 1  
   * Brent Henderson, Piano 2    
   * PianoConnoisseur, Piano 3
   * TreeWorks, Chime 
   * sydneypollak, Cymbal

   * KarMaRedd (Princess Shaw, Samantha Montgomery), Vocals  
     » Thx u kutiman so much and everyone elseFor kutiman give it up video
     » In Theaters Now: Presenting Princess Shaw documentary (trailer)
   * AlmaDeutscher, Piano 
   * Drum Roll - This video is missing :( plz help me find it
   * Marlowann, Bass
   * denny ajd, Drums Swing 
   * Adam Argullin, Drums Beat
   * stratrat1914 (Tom Walkerdine), Electric Guitar (actual video is missing)
     » Southport guitarist in viral videoMusician is internet hit
   * Danny M Stewart / Bass & Beyond, DoubleBass 
   * Trombone - This video is missing :( plz help me find it
   * KlassicalGuitar, Classic Guitar
   * jabberwalky, Keyboard 1
   * TheDrumExperts, Cymbal  
   * Ryan Bagby, Saxophone
   * expertvillage, Tuba
   * keyboard resource, Keyboard 2 
   * Electric Guitar 2 - This video is missing :( plz help me find it
   * Richard Yu, Strings
   * VCU Brass Players Association, Horns (actual video is missing)
   * Sjobeck7, Keyboard 3
   * Cody Takacs, DoubleBass 2
   * TheMrdjFamily, Cello 1 
   * TheCelloCompanion, Cello 2       
   * flimi, Bassoon 

   * Vocals - Video Is Missing :( if u find the link plz send it over
   * Raggy Ragsdale, Ukulele D majorUkulele A MajorUkulele B Minor
   * Seth Johnston, Strings
   * PushkinlAbbe, Flutes, Cello and Piano 

   * ErrrikkkaaAnderson (Erika Anderson), Vocals  
   * TJ Malana, Piano 
   * TiffanySpring10, Drums 1
   * memphisdrumshop, Drums 2  
   * snolan1990, Drum Machine
   * golaxxx, Bass
   * taalibeen, Acustic Guitar
   * BobbyCrispy, Electric Guitar  
   * JeuMahakit, Strings 1
   * ElegantSwing, Strings 2 
   * Joe Jeremiah, Synth 1  
   * fcorange, Synth 2
   * yeegoah, Pipe Organ
   * Rafi Kirder, Mellotron 
   * Denise Hewitt, Wedding Organ 
7. Kutiman Introducing Thru You Too
   hey everyone my name iskutimanaaanndum, i just released my secondyoutube
   albumits called umthruyoutoo
   he he, umm.. but anywayim terrible at introductionssoo
   instead of me telling you guys about my album i rather haveother people
   tell you all about itsooo,
   what it basically is, is as many many oomay, may or not .. may or may not know
   this album ismade out ofunrelatedyoutubevideosofdifferent people
   fromdifferentplacesplaying..drumscontrabass clarinetharmonicahorn
   andsingingyouuufaaaaaaheeyyyyso ifind all those different pieces
   on youtubeand thenuuummm@!#.. i'm basically just
   editing it and cutting it together and all that lovely stuffand ahthis is
   more or lesshow i makemusicum... originally it was just supposed to be an album of
   combinations, connections of different things out there
   but as i started working on it, it really became something more then thatit's like
   having your imaginary internet friends
   i was a ..e .. emerged in it till where nothing else mattered :)anyway
   i just want to thankyou so much for this little journey I've had here and um
   you guys are so funny and fun to listen to and interesting and i dont know its just...
   ...really cool so i feel like i made a whole bunch of new friends even though i
   don't really know youand yeah .. so ..^*
   so this is my new project in a nutshelli hope you like it
   alright .... do i have to say something else on this video ?

   Name                                                        Last modified      Size   Link        Artist
01_I'm_New_(Copia_Doble_Systema_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 4.8M YouTube Copia Doble Systema 02_Give_It_Up_(Free_The_Robots_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 7.5M YouTube Free The Robots 03_Give_It_Up_(Garden_City_Movement_Remix).mp3 29-Apr-2015 04:24 6.9M YouTube Garden City Movement 04_This_Is_How_I_Feel_(Jim_Dunloop_&_Grzly_Adams_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 5.6M YouTube Grzly AdamsJim Dunloop 05_This_Is_How_I_Feel_(Kalbata_&_Mixmonster_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 4.6M YouTube Kalbata Mixmonster 06_No_One_In_This_World_(La_Dame_Noir_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:30 9.5M YouTube La dame Noir 07_Give_It_Up_(Red_Axes_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:30 13.0M YouTube Red Axes 08_No_One_In_This_World_(Rejoicer_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 6.1M YouTube Rejoicer 09_My_Vendetta_(Tomgi_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 8.8M YouTube Affico Man 10_This_Is_How_I_Feel_(Obas_Nenor_Remix).mp3 25-Mar-2015 00:00 12.6M SoundCloud Obas Neor download entire album 30-Apr-2015 09:24 79.0M

» check out the official site, it should be back online «

read my blog post about the project
   Name                                 Last modified      Size   Video   
01_The_mother_of_all_funk_chords.mp3 26-Feb-2009 09:24 5.0M .flv .mp4 02_This_is_what_it_became.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:28 5.7M .flv .mp4 03_I'm_new.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:35 8.7M .flv .mp4 04_Babylon_Band.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:23 5.8M .flv .mp4 05_Someday.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:43 5.0M .flv .mp4 06_Wait_for_me.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:50 5.5M .flv .mp4 07_Just_a_lady.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:42 4.8M .flv .mp4 download entire album 05-Mar-2009 08:45 39.7M

Credits / Sample Links

1. The mother of all funk chords
   * miquelsi, theremin 
   * TheHitman1990 (Bernard "Pretty" Purdie clip), drums 
   * MarloweDK, bassbass2 
   * rockongoodpeople, funk guitar 
   * stringquartet (Eric), guitar solo
   * meewsic (Brian Fox), blues harp and vocals 
   * originalguitarlesson (BJ Cunningham), rock guitar 
   * shellman1982 (Eric Budd), contrabass trombone
   * expertvillage (JD Keating), trombonebaritone horn 
   * expertvillage (Ryan Larson), rhodes piano 
   * melbookermusic, mute guitar 
   * guille432, tenor saxophone 
   * unknown, guitar bridge 
   * haho01, guitar band 
   * Matyooo, hammond 
   * miracleministries, orange team cheer 
   * Csuperjo1 (Jimmy Persad clip), crazy sax 
   * JeffEdwards, theremin sex
   * Imitationnigger (Richard Barrett clip), guitar licks
   * huwdann (Leo), trumpet kid

2. This is what it became
   * noystoise, timesynth 
   * 911caddy, fire siren  
   * Featureman, piano green 
   * MightyLi0n, vocal 
   * frcwolf, bass 
   * claredowling, mute guitarrhythm guitar 
   * expertvillage (Brit Ginn), melodica 
   * expertvillage (Johnny Conga), clave  
   * expertvillage (Annie Brunson), piano  
   * Baptone, bass synth 
   * dontremain, guiro
   * bnk333, trombone
   * potar, dub box 
   * doulos24, dub siren 
   * sink, monster
   * jokimzim, crash
   * FlexDaApu, speech
   * larsby, homemade dub
   * tamadw, drums 
   * cosmohelectrastudio, toy piano

3. I'm new (in order of appearance)
   * Gruntcakes69, contrabass
   * funkytradition (Isaac Gutwilik clip), bongos
   * Starry9Angel, piano
   * soulvision (j.j. flueck aka j:loop), drums 
   * jasonheath (Midwest Young Artists Chamber Ensemble clip), quintet 
   * XDzard, quartet
   * KalaniMusic, cabasa
   * Sketchboxx, rs-09 synthesizer
   * ElexisTrinity (song: Catharsis), singer 
   * burnkit2600, gameboy & moog 
   * retrosound72, sh-101 synthesizer  
   * hef513 (Juice Lee clip), mc  
     » because of this I was able to ...
   * craiguitarz, cash register
   * MikeTheTeacher, multimoog
   * imagineye (Danny Sorensen), panart hang drum 
   * JPGOAT, ride
   * cowheadcow, piano2 
   * mandyvabks, singer2 
   * avn89pwe, cello
   * elf333888, violin 

4. Babylon band
   * tadois (lukas), drums
   * bigcitymusic, moog 
   * 123synthland, minimoog synthesizer
   * fotaras007, buzuki
   * zimwasi, synth test run
   * pacerman265 (matt stonehouse), darbuka 
   * wallieeeeee (Faiz Al Sanati clip), mawal
   * BandGeeky, brass
   * unknown, trio 
   * DanThiele, organ
   * djthomaswhite, analog sequencer #1#2#3 
   * synthmonger, 4x4 sequencer  
   * peahix, analog synthesizermoog sonic six 
   * oliverbass, drum machine
   * keybdwizrd, moog rogue 
   * Newueel, korg ms-20 
   * cretin4321, bass drumvactrol pattern synthesizer 
   * aemmezero, steelphon s900 synthesizer

5. Someday (in order of appearance)
   * 1xic (Ray Martinez), piano
   * tmurdock86, farfisa mini compact
   * FlametopFred, d-85 bassd-85d-85 arpeggiator 
   * mecobio, clave
   * JonnyMcBoingBoing (Jonny Cope), jew's harp 
   * derbeno, conga
   * stupavision, tibetan bowl 
   * dadasarah (Sarah Amstutz - Soon), vocal 
   * C19XR, vibes
   * romarioitacare, agogo
   * monkeyboy75, temple gongs
   * kawregis, roland sh-1000 synthesizer [for sale!]
   * stretta, roland sh-101 synthesizer 
   * bostondrum, wind gong 
   * lesingemonotone, juno-60 
   * unknown, ride 
   * Koriyama, recorder

6. Wait for me (in order of appearance)
   * happybois, virtual piano
   * scottschiller, mpc beats 
   * Kirk714, bongos + clave 
   * TalkBoxerDX (Ro$$ aka Ross Money), talkbox 
   * csanz35, drums
   * dhavlena, hank drum 
   * larkinam, xylophone 
   * ellaskins, "now" 
   * bugsycline, electric guitar
   * retrosound72, string machine  
   * LoneSergeant, piano
   * unknown, trio 
   * jsbach79, guitar solo
   * araigenaraigen, hand clap session
   * 215thArmyBand, cymbals
   * blagmusic, pc piano 
   * DieBassnuss, shekere 
   * expertvillage (Aaron Bland), tambourine  

7. Just a lady (in order of appearance) » Kutiman Orchestra - Just a Lady (Live)
   * zimwasi, synth
   * Songdreamer (Les Smith), singer  
     » Kutiman, Pecha Kucha 6
   * hotflute, flute
   * dfrohnenalfred, bass 
   * expertvillage (Ken Marcou), drums  
   * wayhighpatrol, giant wind chimes 
   * scub0y, wind chimes
   * Kirbbard, harp
   * UntalentedGearhead, ride
   * erichstar, violin
8. About
   * playbacklapompe, gypsy guitar

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