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   Name                                 Last modified      Size   Video   
01_THIS_IS_HOW_I_FEEL.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 5.4M .mp4 02_NOW_IS_THE_TIME.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 5.6M .mp4 03_NO_ONE_IN_THIS WORLD.mp3 23-Sep-2014 13:38 7.5M .mp4 04_GIVE_IT_UP.mp3 12-Sep-2014 15:15 6.9M .mp4 05_CHANGE.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 2.9M .mp4 06_MY_VENDETTA.mp3 01-Oct-2014 14:52 8.1M .mp4 download entire album 02-Oct-2014 07:45 36.5M

Credits / Sample Links

   * harMELON2427, Vocals  (written by Kymrence Young )
   * nabrostoff, Acoustic Guitar
   * RockMusicReviews, Electric Guitar
   * fountainOFmountain, Metronome
   * TRENCHDRUMS, Kete Drum
   * RobbieHogg1, Udu
   * Tom Gurin, Strings
   * Stephen DeRuby, Flute 
   * Drums - Link is missing :(
   * Jose Cortijo, Shaker  
   * Colorado Soundscapes, Kalimba
   * StebalDrumsGear, Cymbal

   * ArieGermaine16 (Arie Germaine), Vocals (actual video is missing)    
     » "I have no idea where it is lol I uploaded it to my old channel like 1-2 years ago"
   * Ransomed Sin, Piano
   * Deryn Cullen, Cello 
     » "Since I made my objections ... I think it's only right that I post an update"
   * gospelstringer, Guitar
   * hayato nakanishi, Strings
   * Jon Powers, Drums 
     » "Found out I was included in this - thanks @kutiman! Great work!"
   * expertvillage, Upright Bass
   * Vic Firth, Timpani  
   * Tom's Video Overview's, Chimes
   * Peter Park, Sleigh Bells 
   * ProfMoose, Bell 1
   * IgnatiusChurch, Bell 2 
   * Nicola Dodds (Nikki Dodds, Lock Flow), Vocals  
   * Thomson Kneeland, Bass 
   * jahsian nattyprincess, Horns Section
   * NCSSMDistanceEd, Cello 
   * Saxophone - cant find this video :(( plz help me..
   * Guitar Tutorials, GuitarsGuitars 2
   * Keith Appleton, Hammond 
   * Garrett Martin, Organ
   * BrassTeacher, Synth
   * Canal de 10tamburo, Vibraslap
   * postminimal, Strings
   * Tony Miceli, Vibraphone
   * Mmeronek, Piano 1  
   * Brent Henderson, Piano 2    
   * PianoConnoisseur, Piano 3
   * TreeWorks, Chime 
   * sydneypollak, Cymbal

   * KarMaRedd (Princess Shaw, Samantha Montgomery), Vocals  
     » Thx u kutiman so much and everyone elseFor kutiman give it up video
     » In Theaters Now: Presenting Princess Shaw documentary (trailer)
   * AlmaDeutscher, Piano 
   * Drum Roll - This video is missing :( plz help me find it
   * Marlowann, Bass
   * denny ajd, Drums Swing 
   * Adam Argullin, Drums Beat
   * stratrat1914 (Tom Walkerdine), Electric Guitar (actual video is missing)
     » Southport guitarist in viral videoMusician is internet hit
   * Danny M Stewart / Bass & Beyond, DoubleBass 
   * Trombone - This video is missing :( plz help me find it
   * KlassicalGuitar, Classic Guitar
   * jabberwalky, Keyboard 1
   * TheDrumExperts, Cymbal  
   * Ryan Bagby, Saxophone
   * expertvillage, Tuba
   * keyboard resource, Keyboard 2 
   * Electric Guitar 2 - This video is missing :( plz help me find it
   * Richard Yu, Strings
   * VCU Brass Players Association, Horns (actual video is missing)
   * Sjobeck7, Keyboard 3
   * Cody Takacs, DoubleBass 2
   * TheMrdjFamily, Cello 1 
   * TheCelloCompanion, Cello 2       
   * flimi, Bassoon 

   * Vocals - Video Is Missing :( if u find the link plz send it over
   * Raggy Ragsdale, Ukulele D majorUkulele A MajorUkulele B Minor
   * Seth Johnston, Strings
   * PushkinlAbbe, Flutes, Cello and Piano 

   * ErrrikkkaaAnderson (Erika Anderson), Vocals  
   * TJ Malana, Piano 
   * TiffanySpring10, Drums 1
   * memphisdrumshop, Drums 2  
   * snolan1990, Drum Machine
   * golaxxx, Bass
   * taalibeen, Acustic Guitar
   * BobbyCrispy, Electric Guitar  
   * JeuMahakit, Strings 1
   * ElegantSwing, Strings 2 
   * Joe Jeremiah, Synth 1  
   * fcorange, Synth 2
   * yeegoah, Pipe Organ
   * Rafi Kirder, Mellotron 
   * Denise Hewitt, Wedding Organ 
7. Kutiman Introducing Thru You Too
   hey everyone my name iskutimanaaanndum, i just released my secondyoutubealbumits called umthruyoutoohe he, umm.. but anywayim terrible at introductionssooinstead of me telling you guys about my album i rather haveother peopletell you all about itsooo,what it basically is, is as many many oomay, may or not .. may or may not knowthis album ismade out ofunrelatedyoutubevideosofdifferent peoplefromdifferentplacesplaying..drumscontrabass clarinetharmonicahornandsingingyouuufaaaaaaheeyyyyso ifind all those different pieceson youtubeand thenuuummm@!#.. i'm basically justediting it and cutting it together and all that lovely stuffand ahthis ismore or lesshow i makemusicum... originally it was just supposed to be an album ofcombinations, connections of different things out therebut as i started working on it, it really became something more then thatit's likehaving your imaginary internet friends
   i was a ..e .. emerged in it till where nothing else mattered :)anywayi just want to thankyou so much for this little journey I've had here and umyou guys are so funny and fun to listen to and interesting and i dont know its just... 
   ...really cool so i feel like i made a whole bunch of new friends even though idon't really know youand yeah .. so ..^*so this is my new project in a nutshelli hope you like italright .... do i have to say something else on this video ?

   Name                                                        Last modified      Size   Link        Artist
01_I'm_New_(Copia_Doble_Systema_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 4.8M YouTube Copia Doble Systema 02_Give_It_Up_(Free_The_Robots_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 7.5M YouTube Free The Robots 03_Give_It_Up_(Garden_City_Movement_Remix).mp3 29-Apr-2015 04:24 6.9M YouTube Garden City Movement 04_This_Is_How_I_Feel_(Jim_Dunloop_&_Grzly_Adams_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 5.6M YouTube Grzly AdamsJim Dunloop 05_This_Is_How_I_Feel_(Kalbata_&_Mixmonster_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 4.6M YouTube Kalbata Mixmonster 06_No_One_In_This_World_(La_Dame_Noir_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:30 9.5M YouTube La dame Noir 07_Give_It_Up_(Red_Axes_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:30 13.0M YouTube Red Axes 08_No_One_In_This_World_(Rejoicer_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 6.1M YouTube Rejoicer 09_My_Vendetta_(Tomgi_Remix).mp3 30-Apr-2015 04:29 8.8M YouTube Affico Man 10_This_Is_How_I_Feel_(Obas_Nenor_Remix).mp3 25-Mar-2015 00:00 12.6M SoundCloud Obas Neor download entire album 30-Apr-2015 09:24 79.0M

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   Name                                 Last modified      Size   Video   
01_The_mother_of_all_funk_chords.mp3 26-Feb-2009 09:24 5.0M .flv .mp4 02_This_is_what_it_became.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:28 5.7M .flv .mp4 03_I'm_new.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:35 8.7M .flv .mp4 04_Babylon_Band.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:23 5.8M .flv .mp4 05_Someday.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:43 5.0M .flv .mp4 06_Wait_for_me.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:50 5.5M .flv .mp4 07_Just_a_lady.mp3 26-Feb-2009 03:42 4.8M .flv .mp4 download entire album 05-Mar-2009 08:45 39.7M

Credits / Sample Links

1. The mother of all funk chords
   * miquelsi, theremin 
   * TheHitman1990 (Bernard "Pretty" Purdie clip), drums 
   * MarloweDK, bassbass2 
   * rockongoodpeople, funk guitar 
   * stringquartet (Eric), guitar solo
   * meewsic (Brian Fox), blues harp and vocals 
   * originalguitarlesson (BJ Cunningham), rock guitar 
   * shellman1982 (Eric Budd), contrabass trombone
   * expertvillage (JD Keating), trombonebaritone horn 
   * expertvillage (Ryan Larson), rhodes piano 
   * melbookermusic, mute guitar 
   * guille432, tenor saxophone 
   * unknown, guitar bridge 
   * haho01, guitar band 
   * Matyooo, hammond 
   * miracleministries, orange team cheer 
   * Csuperjo1 (Jimmy Persad clip), crazy sax 
   * JeffEdwards, theremin sex
   * Imitationnigger (Richard Barrett clip), guitar licks
   * huwdann (Leo), trumpet kid

2. This is what it became
   * noystoise, timesynth 
   * 911caddy, fire siren  
   * Featureman, piano green 
   * MightyLi0n, vocal 
   * frcwolf, bass 
   * claredowling, mute guitarrhythm guitar 
   * expertvillage (Brit Ginn), melodica 
   * expertvillage (Johnny Conga), clave 
   * expertvillage (Annie Brunson), piano 
   * Baptone, bass synth 
   * dontremain, guiro
   * bnk333, trombone
   * potar, dub box 
   * doulos24, dub siren 
   * sink, monster
   * jokimzim, crash
   * FlexDaApu, speech
   * larsby, homemade dub
   * tamadw, drums 
   * cosmohelectrastudio, toy piano

3. I'm new (in order of appearance)
   * Gruntcakes69, contrabass
   * funkytradition (Isaac Gutwilik clip), bongos
   * Starry9Angel, piano
   * soulvision (j.j. flueck aka j:loop), drums 
   * jasonheath (Midwest Young Artists Chamber Ensemble clip), quintet 
   * XDzard, quartet
   * KalaniMusic, cabasa
   * Sketchboxx, rs-09 synthesizer
   * ElexisTrinity (song: Catharsis), singer 
   * burnkit2600, gameboy & moog 
   * retrosound72, sh-101 synthesizer  
   * hef513 (Juice Lee clip), mc  
     » because of this I was able to ...
   * craiguitarz, cash register
   * MikeTheTeacher, multimoog
   * imagineye (Danny Sorensen), panart hang drum 
   * JPGOAT, ride
   * cowheadcow, piano2 
   * mandyvabks, singer2 
   * avn89pwe, cello
   * elf333888, violin 

4. Babylon band
   * tadois (lukas), drums
   * bigcitymusic, moog 
   * 123synthland, minimoog synthesizer
   * fotaras007, buzuki
   * zimwasi, synth test run
   * pacerman265 (matt stonehouse), darbuka 
   * wallieeeeee (Faiz Al Sanati clip), mawal
   * BandGeeky, brass
   * unknown, trio 
   * DanThiele, organ
   * djthomaswhite, analog sequencer #1#2#3 
   * synthmonger, 4x4 sequencer  
   * peahix, analog synthesizermoog sonic six 
   * oliverbass, drum machine
   * keybdwizrd, moog rogue 
   * Newueel, korg ms-20 
   * cretin4321, bass drumvactrol pattern synthesizer 
   * aemmezero, steelphon s900 synthesizer

5. Someday (in order of appearance)
   * 1xic (Ray Martinez), piano
   * tmurdock86, farfisa mini compact
   * FlametopFred, d-85 bassd-85d-85 arpeggiator 
   * mecobio, clave
   * JonnyMcBoingBoing (Jonny Cope), jew's harp 
   * derbeno, conga
   * stupavision, tibetan bowl 
   * dadasarah (Sarah Amstutz - Soon), vocal 
   * C19XR, vibes
   * romarioitacare, agogo
   * monkeyboy75, temple gongs
   * kawregis, roland sh-1000 synthesizer [for sale!]
   * stretta, roland sh-101 synthesizer 
   * bostondrum, wind gong 
   * lesingemonotone, juno-60 
   * unknown, ride 
   * Koriyama, recorder

6. Wait for me (in order of appearance)
   * happybois, virtual piano
   * scottschiller, mpc beats 
   * Kirk714, bongos + clave 
   * TalkBoxerDX (Ro$$ aka Ross Money), talkbox 
   * csanz35, drums
   * dhavlena, hank drum 
   * larkinam, xylophone 
   * ellaskins, "now" 
   * bugsycline, electric guitar
   * retrosound72, string machine  
   * LoneSergeant, piano
   * unknown, trio 
   * jsbach79, guitar solo
   * araigenaraigen, hand clap session
   * 215thArmyBand, cymbals
   * blagmusic, pc piano 
   * DieBassnuss, shekere 
   * expertvillage (Aaron Bland), tambourine  

7. Just a lady (in order of appearance) » Kutiman Orchestra - Just a Lady (Live)
   * zimwasi, synth
   * Songdreamer (Les Smith), singer  
     » Kutiman, Pecha Kucha 6
   * hotflute, flute
   * dfrohnenalfred, bass 
   * expertvillage (Ken Marcou), drums 
   * wayhighpatrol, giant wind chimes 
   * scub0y, wind chimes
   * Kirbbard, harp
   * UntalentedGearhead, ride
   * erichstar, violin
8. About
   * playbacklapompe, gypsy guitar

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